I have been told that I’m a flat chested bitch just because I don’t show off my breasts. I wear clothes that cover my chest and hide the size
of it in doing so. I’m a 36D. Just because I don’t flash the world doesn’t mean I’m less womanly.

(submitted by anonymous)

So this person is saying that women with small breasts aren’t “womanly enough” and deserve to be shamed and harassed for it?


I bet if Sigmund Freud himself figured out exactly what was wrong with Gurg, Gurg would say that Sigmund is a liar and claim to be smarter than him.

Sigmund Freud was a misogynist with mommy issues.



Why didn’t anyone tell frida kahlo that her eyebrows were ugly?

Oh, honey, I’m sure they did. Just one thing: Frida did not give a single fuck . She , unlike you, was not worried about something as trivial as facial hair; She was busy making kick ass art, exchanging ideas with intellectuals and leaving footprints, in this world, that those pretty eyebrows of yours can only dream of. Have a seat.


I once had a guy tell me I needed to get ready for my duty as a Christian housewife and one day I’d have to perform these duties for another man. The guy was my dad. He told me this because I didn’t make an extra Eggo for him when I was running off for school.

(submitted by anonymous)

I guess you missed the passage in Genesis about Eve eating the forbidden Eggo and cursing womankind to forever serve men waffles on demand.